Happy New Year!

For the simple setting up a new report, we have developed a special "setup wizard", which is launched by the "Add report" button.

The setup wizard provides a simple and clear logic. You fill out the report settings step by step from simple to complex. Each step of the wizard contains a short description that will help you understand the step.

To search and select the required fields, you can use the quick search function by part of line.

We separated settings and design of the report. Now the "simple" and "summary" fields are visually separated. You can customize the columns order by simpe row drag and drop.

Do not forget to save the report.

We did similar changes in the editing interface of an existing report.

We kept the “arrows” functionality for moving report lines and added drag and drop.

We removed the “arrows” functionality from the columns ordering. Now in this block the column order can be any. You will configure the needful order on the "Design" tab.

Report columns are visually separated into two blocks. The top block contains “simple” data. The lower block contains "summary" fields. You can customize the order of the columns by simpe drag and drop. The order can be set up only inside "own" block, you cannot drag columns between blocks.

All fields that have a data type other than "number" fall into the top data block. If the data type is "number" and column totals are not calculated for it, it falls into the top data block.

If the data type is “number” and the group totals are calculated for the column, this parameter falls into the bottom data block.