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App description

"MyStore24" description.

1. Two-way synchronization.

   The application supports two-way data exchange between "Bitrix24" and "MyStore". Product catalogue, Contacts, Deals and Invoices participate in the exchange.

2. Products synchronization.

   Products exchange with modifications and services is supported. You can upload full or limited list of products and services from "MyStore" to "Bitrix24".

   You can upload Products from "Bitrix24" to "MyStore". Uploading product sections is not supported.

   You can create new products in "Bitrix24". They will be uploaded to "MyStore" together with the documents created in "Bitrix24".
3. Contacts synchronization.

   You can upload all Contacts available in "MyStore" to "Bitrix24".
   You can upload all "Bitrix24" Contacts to "MyStore".

   You can create new contacts in "Bitrix24" or in "MyStore". They will be uploaded to "MyStore" or "Bitrix24" together with the documents created. You can use a real-time synchronisation for Contacts.

4. Documents synchronization.

   The application supports document exchange between "Bitrix24" and "MyStore". Two types of documents are synchronized:
       "Bitrix24" Deal = "MyStore" Customer Order
       "Bitrix24" Invoice = "MyStore" Customer Invoice
   You can create documents in any database. The invoice numbering will correspond the database where the document was created. For example, if an invoice is created in "Bitrix24", it will be transferred to "MyStore" with the same number, and vice versa.

   You can save the numbering of Orders in "MyStore". In other case, customer order will have the number like bx24-12345. Customer orders created in "MyStore" are transferred to "Bitrix24" as a Deal. The name of the Deal in this case is formed by the formula "Customer Order" + 'MyStore" order number.