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Why FREE is not really FREE?

"Signaturit Integration" is marked as free in Bitrix24 Marketplace because the Marketplace does not yet support apps billing. 

But "Signaturit Integration" is a commercial application

Nevertheless, there is a free 30-days trial period for our application.
Also, the application is provided for free to all our clients who buy or continue their Bitrix24 subscription with HTMLStudio.

Please be aware that "Signaturit Integration" is a tool, which integrates two cloud services -"Bitrix24" and "signaturit.com" and helps them to work in combination.

So, the fee for "Signaturit Integration" does not include or replace any possible fees for your "Bitrix24" and "signaturit.com" services.

The service is available for all subscriptions to Bitrix24 and for  Enterprice subscription to signaturit.com.